The first step you need to take is to deposit the bitcoins in your Coin Agent account. To do this, you must log on into the account, click on the deposit button, and then choose the bitcoin method. This will open up close to 34 alphanumeric characters in length which will be the deposit address to get the coins into your account.

When this is done, then visit the buying or selling page to place your order. Another alternative for you is to place an instant order which enables you to automatically sell the bitcoins at the best price in the market.

In addition to this, you can even explore the other option of limiting your selling price by placing your price. Once the selling has been done, then you can comfortably withdraw the funds in either the USD or the EUR currency.


Open an account
Sign Up Here >

Visit the page dealing with the deposits, select bitcoins, then transfer them to the address provided.
Make Deposit >

After receiving the bitcoins, visit the selling or buying page then select sell bitcoins by clicking on the option available.

You can now choose to withdraw the funds in USD or even in EUR currency depending on your preference.